Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen 5.1.9 Full Free

Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen is a powerful network monitoring and management solution designed for enterprises and managed service providers. It provides comprehensive visibility into network infrastructure health, performance, and security.

Overview of Download free Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen

Network Lookout Administrator Pro Full version crack is the premium edition of Network Lookout, offering advanced features for large, complex network environments. Key capabilities include:

  • Automatic network mapping and asset discovery
  • Granular traffic analysis and bandwidth monitoring
  • Powerful alerting and log search tools
  • Vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Role-based access control and user management

With Free download Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen, network administrators gain complete visibility into network activity while automating routine management tasks. This improves uptime, security, and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Network Lookout Administrator Pro:

  • Reduce network outages up to 60% with proactive monitoring
  • Accelerate breach detection by quickly identifying suspicious traffic
  • Gain a single pane of glass for the entire network infrastructure
  • Cut bandwidth costs by identifying utilization trends
  • Automate time-consuming network documentation
Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen

Network Monitoring Capabilities

Network Device Discovery and Mapping

Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen auto-discovers all routers, switches, servers, and devices on your network. It maps relationships and dependencies to provide an accurate topology view. Custom naming and organizing of devices is supported.

Detailed device data like system info, interface statistics, and configurations are collected via SNMP polling. This provides complete visibility without needing to access each device individually.

Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring

By analyzing NetFlow, sFlow, and SNMP data, Free download Network Lookout measures bandwidth utilization for individual applications, segments, and devices. Historical usage reports help optimize network capacity planning.

Bandwidth thresholds and traffic bursting alerts can be configured to notify administrators of abnormalities or overages. Traffic is segmented by protocol, letting you identify bandwidth hogs.

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Performance Monitoring

Network Lookout continuously collects performance metrics like packet loss, latency, jitter, errors, and availability. Performance baselines are established, allowing you to compare current vs historical performance.

Deviations from normal trigger alerts to pinpoint developing issues before they cause outages. Performance reports help demonstrate SLA compliance to stakeholders.

Network Security Features

Rogue Device Detection

Network Lookout automatically detects rogue or unauthorized devices added to your network like personal laptops or misconfigured equipment. Email alerts notify when rogue devices are found to prevent potential security breaches.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Network Lookout’s built-in intrusion detection system (IDS) analyzes traffic patterns to rapidly identify malicious activity. Signatures detect known attack patterns while behavioral analysis spots anomalies indicative of zero-day threats.

The administrator can tune sensitivity thresholds to minimize false positives. IDS events can trigger email alerts or interface shutdowns to proactively block suspected intrusions.

Security Auditing and Best Practices

Network Lookout performs over 4,500 configuration and vulnerability checks to proactively identify security risks. Checks are compared against industry standards and best practices for hardening network infrastructure.

New vulnerabilities are continuously added to the auditing engine. Security audit reports demonstrate compliance and allow you to chart risk reduction over time.

Advanced Administration Tools

Customizable Dashboards

Network Lookout offers pre-built and customizable dashboards for monitoring network health, traffic, security, configurations, and logs. Dashboards can be filtered by network segment and tailored to each user’s role.

Time range filters allow drilling down based on timeframe. Charts and widgets can be rearranged and resized on dashboards based on priority.

Role-Based Access Control

Network Lookout includes granular access control to restrict users to only the data and actions permitted for their role. Read/write privileges can be assigned per device group. Multiple admin roles can be created.

Access control ensures sensitive systems and information are kept secure on a need-to-know basis. User activity is logged for auditing.

Log Management and Alerting

Network Lookout aggregates syslog and SNMP trap data for centralized monitoring and analysis. Intelligent alert rules notify administrators of critical events via email, SMS or Slack.

The advanced log search provides quick access to historical events and simplifies troubleshooting. Alerts help flag significant events like device failures in real-time.

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Benefits of Full version crack Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen

  • Reduced downtime: By proactively monitoring network health and performance, issues can be detected and resolved before causing significant outages. Mean time to resolution is decreased.

  • Improved security: Constant monitoring of configurations, vulnerabilities, and traffic makes hiding intrusions extremely difficult. Attacks and anomalies are flagged immediately.

  • Optimized network performance: Identifying bandwidth hogs and utilization trends means capacity can be adjusted appropriately. Unnecessary bandwidth costs are avoided.

  • Lower overhead: Automating routine network management tasks like documentation, health monitoring, and alerting lowers administrative workload.

  • Regulatory compliance: Features like change logging, access controls, and vulnerability scanning help satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Network Lookout Pricing and Editions

Network Lookout is available in three editions based on network size and required features.

Basic: Ideal for small networks. Lacks some advanced features like custom reporting or configuration auditing.

Starting at $1,590 per year for monitoring up to 25 devices.

Pro: Recommended for mid-size networks. Includes all key network monitoring, management, and security capabilities.

Starting at $5,990 per year for monitoring 150 devices.

Enterprise: For large, complex environments like managed service providers, global enterprises, or data centers.

Pricing customized based on your size and needs. Supports unlimited devices.

Network Lookout also offers MSI-based licensing, volume discounts, and discounted rates for multi-year subscriptions. Contact sales for exact pricing.

Getting Started with Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen


Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen is software installed on a Windows Server. It supports Server 2012 R2 or newer. Requires a 64-bit dual-core CPU with 8GB RAM and 100GB storage. Virtual installs are fully supported.

Discovery capabilities function in both Agent-based and Agentless modes. For Agentless monitoring, SNMP read access is required to all devices. Agents offer deeper visibility but require deployment.

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Installation Tips

Installing Network Lookout is straightforward, with the option for automated or manual setup. For larger deployments, a phased rollout is recommended. Here are some installation best practices:

  • Start with discovery and mapping to inventory your full network.
  • Enable monitoring for non-critical infra first, then slowly expand.
  • Create user groups and access policies before wider rollout.
  • Integrate with authentication systems like LDAP early on.
  • Carefully test monitoring configurations before applying broadly.
  • Perform staggered agent installations, with servers and key network gear first.


Once installed, the web portal guides you through step-by-step configuration including:

  • Licensing activation
  • Admin user setup
  • Discovering devices
  • Configuring SNMP monitoring
  • Importing network maps/docs
  • Adding devices into monitor groups
  • Configuring alerts and notifications
  • Setting up automated report delivery

Proper configuration is crucial for maximizing visibility while minimizing false positives with Network Lookout.

Training and Technical Support

Network Lookout offers administrator training, implementation services, and technical support plans for getting the most value from the platform.

Documentation and Training

Comprehensive documentation and online training courses teach both fundamentals and advanced use cases. Some courses offer CPE credits for maintenance certifications.

Professional Services

For larger deployments, Network Lookout’s professional services accelerate setup with expert implementation and configuration assistance. Services are also available for integration with other systems.

Technical Support

Standard 8/5 telephone and email support is included. Upgrades to 24/7 or live remote support options are available. Support assists with troubleshooting, tuning monitoring, and answering usage questions.

Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen

Why Choose Network Lookout Administrator Pro?

Network Lookout Administrator Pro Keygen offers enterprise-grade capabilities to gain total visibility and control of the network environment. For network administrators, it is an invaluable assistant that eliminates “blind spots” while reducing tedious management burdens.

Some key advantages over alternatives:

  • All-in-one network monitoring and management
  • Advanced discovery and mapping capabilities
  • Customizable alerting and reporting
  • Role-based access controls
  • Behavioral threat analysis
  • Broad compatibility and scalability

Network and security administrators can consolidate point tools into a unified solution, reducing costs while improving efficiency.

Businesses avoid network outages and get early warnings about performance degradation or intrusions. This results in maximized uptime, optimized network security, efficient management, and easier regulatory compliance.

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